The International Neuropsychiatric Association

The INA is an international organization dedicated to the development of neuropsychiatry across the world. The association welcomes clinicians and academics working at the interface of psychiatry and neurology including: psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, neuropsychology, allied clinical neurosciences and cognitive neuroscience.

The INA International Conference takes place 27 to 29 October 2024. Abtract submission is now open.

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GNG-INA Monthly Webinar and Case Presentation calendar.

25th July
11:30-12:15PM – Webinar
12:15-1:30PM – Case Presentation
Dr. Dhamidhu Eratne
Consultant Neuropsychiatry
Royal Melbourne Hospital
The Markers in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Study: a simple blood test to improve timely and accurate diagnosis and care of dementia and other neurological and psychiatric conditions?”
29th August
11:30-12:15PM – Webinar
12:15-1:30PM – Case Presentation
Prof. Mark Walterfang
Melbourne University
Neurometabolic Disorders
26th September
11:30-12:15PM – Webinar
12:15-1:30PM – Case Presentation
Prof. Shoumitro Deb
Visiting Professor of Neuropsychiatry
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Brain Sciences
Imperial College London, UK
31st October
11:30-12:15PM – Webinar
12:15-1:30PM – Case Presentation
Prof. Sheldon Benjamin
Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry, Director of Neuropsychiatry
University of Massachusetts T H Chan School of Medicine
28th November
11:30-12:15PM – Webinar
12:15-1:30PM – Case Presentation
Dr. Philip Mosley
Neuropsychiatrist and Senior Research Fellow, QIMR
Berghofer Medical Research Institute
19th December 11:30AM – 4PMTBC2nd Annual Conference

Note: we use Basecamp and WhatsApp platform for communication. For Basecamp share your email with For WhatsApp group please text Jas on +61414589229.

Why should I be a member of the INA?

INA is an international organisation of clinicians and researchers working in the field of neuropsychiatry and allied neuroscience disciplines. The membership allows you to be part of this growing neuropsychiatric community and to be able to contribute to and learn from others.

  • You will be able to access the ‘members only pages’ and be able to link up with established neuropsychiatrists internationally.
  • Access regular webinars / educational sessions live or access the recordings at your convenience at a later date.
  • Discount on future INA conferences and joint conferences with INA affiliation.
  • We are negotiating favourable terms for free access/free publication costs with established neuropsychiatry journals
  • Join the conversation on the cutting-edge developments in neuropsychiatry and be able to steer its direction and priorities.
  • Access information on key articles in various areas of neuropsychiatry including access to free pdf if the copyright allows this (we are compiling a library of essential readings in neuropsychiatry to be updated regularly by the INA Board).
  • Information on key international charitable and professional organisations with easily accessible information key neuropsychiatric areas. Easy to use hyperlinks are provided for accessing these resources with one click.
  • Information on key forthcoming international conferences in the area of neuropsychiatry.
  • You will be able to link to the Global Neuropsychiatry Group – a WhatsApp and Basecamp group which is a growing forum to share knowledge, research ideas, discuss complex cases and ask questions.

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