The International Neuropsychiatric Association (INA) was originally established by Spanish and American neuropsychiatrists in Seville in 1996 as the International Organisation of Neuropsychiatry.

  • Dr. Barry S. Fogel, Brown University (USA)
  • Dr. Moises Gaviria, University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
  • Dr. Jose Giner, The University of Seville (Spain)
  • Dr. Robert Green, Emory University School of Medicine (USA)

The committee proposed to establish an international organization noting that “Neuropsychiatry is a burgeoning discipline not only in the United States, but also worldwide”. In 1996, following the second meeting in Toronto, the name was changed to the International Neuropsychiatric Association. Since then, the INA has held meetings every 2 years in different countries usually in association with a psychiatric organisation of that country. At each meeting two distinguished academics are invited to give The Alwyn Lishman Lecture, which has a clinical focus, and the Ramon y Cajal Lecture, which has a neuroscience focus relevant to neuropsychiatry.

Our Aims

Using its global reach, the INA aims to:

Provide an international forum for the exchange of knowledge among clinicians and academics working in the field of neuropsychiatry to improve the understanding and treatment of brain-behaviour disorders.

Publicise and disseminate clinical and academic advances in neuropsychiatry to bring about improved health for people throughout the world.

Raise awareness of neuropsychiatry, particularly in those countries where it is not well known or recognised.


  • The INA organizes a biannual international meeting
  • Supports regional meetings

We are sorry but we cannot provide clinical advice to individuals, carers or families.