President: Ennapadam Krishnamoorthy (India)

Past President: Haim Belmaker (Israel)

Secretary-General: Gilberto Brofman ( Brazil)

Treasurer: Valsamma Eapen (Australia)

President-Elect: Prof. David Arciniegas (USA)


  1. Shapiro (1998-2002)
  2. Gaviria (2002-2004)
  3. Sachdev (2004-2006)
  4. Soldatos (2006-2008)
  5. Koho Miyoshi (2008-2011)
  6. Kopelman (2011-2013)
  7. Dikeos (2013-2015)
  8. Belmaker (2015-2017)

Memorial Member

It is with great sadness that we were informed of the untimely passing away of Robertas Bunevicius. Professor Bunevicius, who was 55 years old, was a member of our Association for many years, and he had been repeatedly elected at the Executive Committee, a position that he held at the time of his death.

The commitment and strong dedication to his work as a member of the EC made him one of the pillars of the INA, carrying its flag to Eastern Europe and promoting neuropsychiatry in his home country and all over the world. He was a brilliant psychiatrist and an enthusiastic teacher and researcher with considerable contribution to the field of neuropsychoendocrinology. His life and main scientific achievements are outlined in a text sent by his family, that follows.

He was dear to all of us, being a gentle and friendly personality, and those who have worked with him on the various international boards will remember forever the time we have spent with him during our different meetings throughout the world. Even after the time the problems with his health had made their appearance, he was in good spirits and coping well with his illness. We will miss him greatly and at this moment our hearts go to his family.

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Moises Gaviria