Global Neuropsychiatry Group

Professionals interested in the interface between neurology and psychiatry are invited to join the Global Neuropsychiatry Group. This is a virtual group established to provide a forum for psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists and clinical neuroscientists to share knowledge about neuropsychiatry and to learn from each other. Clinicians have an opportunity to discuss complex cases and share research ideas.

The group is truly international. It has been active for one year and already has approximately 200 members from US, Canada, SA, UK, Germany, India, Australia and many more countries. Accordingly, it also enables an understanding of service provision and clinical practices in different countries around the world and opens the door for multinational research. In addition, mindful of the gap in training for neurology trainees in psychiatry and psychiatry trainees in neurology across the globe, this forum provides a source of education and a way of establishing networks not only with peers but also with senior clinicians and academics.

The group meets virtually on the last Thursday of the month for an hour, 9 am -10 am GMT, London time. The format is a mixture of talks and case presentations. Apart from the monthly international virtual meetings, WhatsApp as mobile and Basecamp as email platforms have been set-up for clinical and research related day-to-day discussions. These platforms can also be used to communicate with each other. Recordings of the webinar are posted for people who cannot attend on the day.

Anybody wishing to join the WhatsApp group can do so by sharing their mobile number or clicking on the chat link below and/ or join via email using Basecamp. WhatsApp appears to be more popular. Most of the senior clinicians are connected that way.

The contact person is Jasvinder Singh who established The Global Neuropsychiatry Group, and is a neuropsychiatrist based in Brisbane.

The Global Neuropsychiatry Group is endorsed by the International Neuropsychiatry Association.