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Brief History and Current Status of the INA

Koho Miyoshi, M.D.,Ph.D. The INA president.


The International Organization of Neuropsychiatry (ION) was established by Spanish and American neuropsychiatrists in Seville in the year of 1996.  In conjunction with the 2nd congress in Toronto (1998), the International Neuropsychiatric Association (INA) was established to supersede the ION. Since then, the International Congresses of Neuropsychiatry have been held every two years, namely in Kyoto (2000), Buenos Aires (2002), Athens (2004), Sydney (2006) and Cancun (2008). Here, the brief history and topics of the plenary lectures and symposia in the past congresses are reviewed.  And the current status of the International Neuropsychiatric Association, including Mission Statement, Officers, Committees, and Regional Activities, is also mentioned briefly.


International Organization of Neuropsychiatry (ION), currently International Neuropsychiatric Association, was established in 1996.  According to the Mission Statement, the INA aims to prevent or reduce the suffering of the patients with neuropsychiatric disorders by studying the psychiatric symptoms or syndromes in cerebral disorders, and by investigating neurobiological bases of psychiatric disorders.  The INA provides a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas among professionals in neuropsychiatry and endeavors to publicize and disseminate both clinical and academic advances in the field of neuropsychiatry. Here the brief history of the association and current states are mentioned briefly for the introduction of the new INA members.

The International Organization of Neuropsychiatry was originally planned to establish by Spanish and American neuropsychiatrists in Seville 1996. The Organizing Committee consisted of four persons. They were Dr. Barry S. Fogel, Brown University (US), Dr. Moises Gaviria, The University of Illinois at Chicago (US), Dr. Jose Giner, The University of Seville (Spain), and Dr. Robert Green, Emory University School of Medicine (US). The committee proposed to establish the international organization and to hold the congress. In the flyer to call the congress, the intentions were described as follows.

Dear Colleague:

Neuropsychiatry is a burgeoning discipline not only in the United States, but worldwide. Recent bi-national meetings sponsored by the American Neuropsychiatric Association and the British Neuropsychiatric Association not only attest to widespread interest in neuropsychiatry but also to meaningful and interesting differences in neuropsychiatric training, practice, and thinking among countries.

This summer’s World Congress of Psychiatry in Madrid, Spain offers an excellent opportunity to convene neuropsychiatrists from around the world to encourage the development of a world neuropsychiatric community, that could subsequently maintain communications over the Internet. The American Neuropsychiatric Association (ANPA), The University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Psychiatry, and The University of Seville Department of Psychiatry have undertaken to organize an International Congress of Neuropsychiatry, to be held in Seville, Spain for three days immediately following the World Congress. The program includes plenary presentations by major American, British, European and Latin American scientist and clinicians, poster sessions, and round table discussions. All major speakers have agreed to be available on the day of their talk for informal interchanges with participants, and all major speakers will participate in lunch round tables on a variety of topics. Interpreters will be available to facilitate cross-national communications.

The Hotel Alfonso XIII, site for the meeting, is one of the finest hotels in the world, and Seville offers a picturesque venue that is a short flight from other European cities.

We look forward to seeing you at this meeting, the first of many such international gatherings.


The International Congress of Neuropsychiatry

Organizing Committee

The 1st Congress was held successfully at the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, August 29-31 in 1996. Large numbers of neuropsychiatrists, approximately 400, from Europe, North and South America and Asia-Oceania gathered there and discussed enthusiastically about the new organization of neuropsychiatry.

The Topics in the 1st Congress were as follows;

Creating a World Neuropsychiatric Community, New Developments in Dementia, The Frontal Lobe System, Advances in Brain Imaging, Keynote Lecture: The Past and the Future of Neuropsychiatry, Basic and Clinical Topics in Neuropsychiatry, Round Table Discussion (Education and Training, Organization and Financing of Health Care, Outcome Studies, AIDS Dementia Complex, Aggression, Psychiatric Symptoms in Dementia), The Practice of Neuropsychiatry and System Care, Clinical Perspectives in Neuropsychiatry (Neuropsychiatry in Europe, SPECT and Depression, Schizophreniform Phenomena and the Temporal Lobe, Biology of Melancholia, Laterality and Schizophrenia, Building a World Neuropsychiatric Community)

And, Principal Speakers in the 1st Congress were;

A Ardila (US), S Cervera (Spain), J Cook (US), E Costa (US), J Cummings (US), A David (UK), B Dubois (France), L Farrer (US), B Fogel (US), J Giner (Spain), P Gorelick (US), P Grasby (UK),R Green (US), J Guimon (Switzerland), T Jobe (US), C Leal (Spain), A Lishman (UK), H Markowitsch (Germany), M Mesulam (US), M Rasenick (US), S Rauch (US),J Vallejo-Ruiloba (Spain), M Spitzer (Germany),N Vokow (US) ,P Whitehouse (US),etc