International Neuropsychiatry

Neuropsychiatry is a burgeoning discipline that spans the globe. Meaningful and interesting differences in neuropsychiatric training, practice and thinking exists among countries. The International Neuropsychiatric Association is meant to bring clinicians, scientists and those interested in the field of neuropsychiatry together to discuss these global differences and share a unique perspective. We no longer practice in isolation but can truly benefit from the knowledge and experiences of our international colleagues clinically, scientifically and culturally.

The INA is not an association of international organizations, however it does support all those dedicated to the field of neuropsychiatry at a multidisciplinary level. This section is dedicated to these organizations that support neuropsychiatry and the INA. Below you will find links to learn more about each group based on location. Please take the time to learn more and check back frequently as more groups are added.